Elecraft KX2 / KX3 Setup

Please follow these steps to connect and use DigiLink Nano with Elecraft's KX2 and KX3 transceivers.

Make sure you already set your Windows or macOS computer up for use with DigiLink Nano.

Now connect DigiLink Nano to your Elecraft KX2 or KX3 tranceiver with the included cable. The stereo jack with the white tip needs to be connected to the MIC socket and the jack with the black tip goes into PHONES. The other end of the cable connects to DigiLink Nano.

Use your computer's sound settings to set the output level to 100% and the input level to about 30% (see Windows and macOS guides for instructions). Adjust your Elecraft's AF gain to suit the needs of your digital mode software (15-20 is about right for most cases) and the MIC gain so that you see 3 to 4 ALC bars when transmitting. The frequency response of Elecraft's KX line is excellent and makes re-adjustment unnecessary when changing audio frequency.

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