Technical Specifications

Main Unit

- High quality USB audio codec (Texas Instruments PCM2912A)

- Small size: 50 x 25 x 15 mm (2" x 1" x 0.6")

- LED indicators for power (blue), transmit (red) and receive (green)

- USB Mini B socket computer interface

- USB powered (65mA receiving, 80mA transmitting)

- All inputs and outputs have extra RF filters and ESD protection

- 3.5mm Phone jack with Ground, Audio In, Audio Out, PTT to Ground

- Audio Input: 1mV...5.5V Vpp (45µV...1.4V increased sensitivity with JP1 closed)

- Audio Output: 20µV...125mV Vpp (150µV...1V Vpp extended range with JP2 closed)

- PTT ratings: open-collector, 30V, 30mA

Functional Block Diagramm

Elecraft Cable

- 4 pin TRRS to 2 x Stereo phone plug (white connector goes into MIC input of KX2/KX3)

- Shielded

- 20cm / 0.7ft

TNC Style Cable (Yaesu / Icom and others)

- 3.5mm Phone Jack to 6 Pin Mini DIN Male connector

- Compatible with Yaesu and Icom data ports

- 30cm / 1ft

Open Ended Cable

- Build you own cable for your rig

- Shielded 3.5mm Phone Jack to individual open ended

- Carries audio input, output, PTT and ground

- 50cm / 1.8ft


DigiLink Nano


TNC Style Connector

Swiss Engineered