DigiLink Nano

DigiLink Nano started as a personal project in 2017 when I felt that the digital mode interface I used so far were not a good match for my new KX2. I started to design a first version, which was already quite compact but a bit larger than the model you find on these pages. It was also significantly more expensive and more complicated to manufacture. This would not have been an issue if it were for my personal use only, but I got inquiries from friends and some from Facebook groups where I posted a few pictures. And this is when I started to think about making it commercially available - and here we go, a few iterations later, with a smaller and better product.

About Me

Born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, analog and digital electronics enthusiastic and licensed amateur radio operator since 1995 as HB9ZHK. I hold an Engineering MSc from ETH Zurich (a.k.a. the Swiss Institute of Technology).

My interests into radio communications started as a young kid listening to Radio 24 in the early 80', a Swiss pirate radio FM station transmitting from a northern Italian mountain towards Zurich with an ERP of a few MW (yes, megawatts). The distance was far and the legal obstacles high, but they managed to change laws in Switzerland to establish private radio stations. Get some goose bumps and listen to their first transmission here. These thrilling moments in fledgling years built my interests in radio communications and electronics. It's getting more interesting every day since.

Swiss Engineered